Kambah Home

Customise – Rejuvenate – Refresh

Project Details

THE BRIEF | Customise РRejuvenate РRefresh

This home was one of our first major building projects in 2011.

Built in the early 1980s, this brick home was longing to be opened up and taken out of its era. The project was a complete internal and external overhaul, customised to suit this modern family’s lifestyle.

The project was to reconfigure the main living areas and each room throughout the home was to be rejuvenated. This also included external works for the roof, fascia & gutter – a total overhaul!

The project began with major structural works in the reconstruction of the roof and living area ceiling to be opened up to allow light in. This included removing a freestanding brick chimney that consumed the whole living room. The whole roof had to be stripped back and supported during construction to remove the chimney.

Our team installed a massive structural beam to carry the load of the roof, followed by resetting the ceiling, installing contemporary lighting and skylights in the main living areas.

This opened the space completely, allowing the raked ceilings to become a main feature in the living areas, turning them into inviting open plan spaces. The homes rustic, masonry finish was given a new lease of life with light to open the dark spaces, exposed internal brick walls lime washed.

Moving throughout the home each of the bathrooms was modernised, frameless glass shower screens to open the space with the tiling & features in warming, neutral tones. New timber flooring was laid throughout the home, adding a layer of warmth to the living areas followed by the whole home being repainted.

The warmth of this home glows as you discover how each space invites you into the next. Raked ceilings, timber floors and a space for everything was exactly what the owner ordered.

Photography | John Schilling