Chapman Home

Front Entry Showcase

Project Details

THE BRIEF | Beautify the Front Entrance

Imagine sitting in an Australian Gumtree forest, the scent of wood, the touch of trees that whole experience is a sensual impact that stays with you forever. This is exactly how we feel about this beautiful Chapman Home.

Our client has invested every natural touch into their home, it has so much beautiful timber throughout. Walking up their driveway, you become immersed in beautiful, structural gardens. Maple trees weeping over box hedges, feature trees giving height & privacy from the street view and beautiful blooms peeping out of pots.

The project brief for this home was to take the front entrance and adorn it with timber feature boardwalks, lined ceiling lengths with lightning and screens and side gates for security.

The construction of this project was one of pure appreciation. The front entry displays the carpenter’s workmanship. The time spent aligning the boards, finishing them to be exact, edging each piece in the same Bluegum timber, no break to the eye. Complementing the screens and gates with black painted posts so they disappear to highlight the timber.

Finished in natural oils that perfume the air, taking you back to the forest. The Organ oil protects the timber naturally and bring out the natural finish of the earthy reds and browns of the timber. The finished space is a visual and sensory experience.

Photography | Elena Casadei